A collection of heartfelt testimonials from different retreats and events. Enjoy!

Joanna with our host Amara
Joanna with our host Amara

Dear Jackie,

I am writing to say thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart and go to Mallorca.  It was an amazing experience.  I do feel I have returned a very different person.  I also believe I have improved my connection to recognizing Guidance as well as unhooking myself from the belief which was keeping me tethered to sickness.

Joanna (6-week Devotional Mallorca 2015)

I would like to express my gratitude for my time in the 3 week mystical mind training devotional. The experience of True Love is at its foundation. Nothing is hidden and all is exposed. Thank God!

Jason you are a clear light through the seeming darkness. Without your steady, unwavering connection to Holy Spirit I wouldn’t have made it. I have never felt such safety as I wandered through the darkness of my mind. Dislodging from who I have always believed myself to be was not for the faint of heart. I come away with a declaration of commitment written on my heart. It feels sure. It feels real. It feels Given.

I can see the precious illusions I held so dear. They drip with blood now as I see them for what they were. A dark mask in front of my own Radiance. Thank you Jesus for this blue book that is our handbook out of Hell. Thank you Jesus for landing me in your hands in the form of Messengers of Peace who see only the Christ in me. The seeker has been found.

All Glory to God!

The experience I had was transformational in all ways, and the shifts I experienced just kept snowballing into more uncovering when I got back. It’s so true that there’s no going back to previously held beliefs, they cause so much discomfort that you know you’re just kidding yourself – there just isn’t a reverse gear!!

The support we all received during and after the devotionals has been exceptional, caring and uncompromising – exactly what was required. I can’t wait to do it all over again!


Warm HugDear Jason and Kirsten,

I am so grateful for the time I spent with both of you. What an amazing experience. What amazing reflections of messengers of Peace you both ARE. I have been raving about you both, immersion into the world hmmm…. I keep looking and my deep yearning for depth, and what part of my mind thinks it eludes me? Why would I think it’s somewhere other than inside of me. . . and so I continue to watch.

I am watching my focus as you taught at the devotional, and continually refreshing the mind when it needs a drink of spirit from any resource that would quench the thirst. Listening to Gary Renard on podcast helps to set some of this in, listening to David on You Tube, reading the book.

I am eternally with you with all my love to all

Dear God parents!

Thank you for the opportunity of many lifetimes. Nothing in form could actually symbolize the gratitude I feel for the discovery you both have facilitated over this past month. I bought a plane ticket because my prompt was… “people here could help you”. I bought another because the call to join was so strong that the world paled by comparison and future time seemed immediate, I could feel the peace of being in Cincinnati, raking leaves and it held me all through my turbulent monsoon summer. I did not know what I was coming to find and learn. I just felt the readiness and willingness bursting out of me.

And there you met me, green, in Kentucky following the August devotional, with Rob and Jackie all ready in the same moment, to spontaneously go deeper and be undone. Your Devotion led the way. I’m so delighted to discover that, not only do I not know anything, but that there is nothing to figure out and that it is this very absence, which takes all the strife away.

Now I can peacefully follow. I need make only one decision, to choose Holy Spirit. Aeon’s of guilt and responsibility and pro-activity have been dissolved and as October cools, my leaves become Autumnal. Each changing story, role and wish long held or future planned, curls up and withers time.

Now, with my Mighty Companions beside me, I do not fear The Fall. Go raibh mile maith agat m’Anam Cairde; David, Jason, Kirsten, Jenny, Lisa, Kerri, Charles, Rob, Jackie, Daupheni and all who have visited and joined.

(Irish thank you; A thousand good wishes to you my soul friends)

Hi there Jenny,

My trip back was “nice”!!! Plenty of time to reflect on the devotional and the mind training I learned. I would love to extend my loving gratitude to you Jenny for your help in the gentle unlearning and undoing of some of the ego defenses that I was unaware I had. I seemed to have had a huge shift somewhere on the trip home and felt very inspired to let go of my fear of intimacy and lack of trust.

I am sooooo grateful for the “stepping stone” mind training technique that Jason, Kirsten and you showed me to help unblock the obstacles to joy and build trust and confidence in the Holy Spirit. I have come to see how much I really needed it and the immense value of it.

The recognition of “my” spiritual ego and my use of the metaphysical ghost as a defense has really become apparent over the last couple of days and I am happily asking the Holy Spirit to help me see it another way. I am also reminding myself to listen and follow the prompts from the Holy Spirit.

I am still practicing linking with you Jenny and also with Jason and it certainly helps redirect my mind energy back into purpose. Danielle and I are also practicing linking with each other and the trust that it seems to build is wonderful. WE ARE ALL IN THIS… TOGETHER.

A big thank you and lots of Gratitude and Gladness to everyone for such a beautiful healing devotional (unlike any other I have experienced!!) the “effects” continue to be revealed.

In Gratitude and Gladness (G & G)

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