Living Miracles Spiritual Retreats

Living Miracles Spiritual Retreats“Be Oneness” is a website dedicated to Living Miracles Spiritual Retreats and Devotionals with David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles teachers. These events offer an opportunity to come together in the practical application of the deep non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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Silent Retreats

In silence, the awareness of Perfect Oneness is realized as we share the gift of stillness that leads to the experience of Love. From this stillness, you are invited to immerse into the mystical depth of peaceā€”a profound invitation for those wishing for a deeper opening into the Heart of God. This backdrop of silence and devotion allows the heart and mind to open to the grace of emptiness.

Spiritual Retreats

Living Miracles Spiritual Retreats welcome you to dive deeply into Love by offering yourself a “retreat” from your daily life. Through teachings sessions, experiential exercises, and opportunities to gather together in the same Purpose, you open yourself up to a deeper and more consistent experience of Who You really Are.

Devotional Retreats

Devotional Retreats are a deep “living” experience of the practical application of our teachings. Immersing yourself in the Presence of a devoted community for an extended period of time is a life-changing opportunity. As we all join together in the purpose of undoing the blocks to Love’s Presence, the awareness of Truth becomes stronger and stronger. The environment and structure of our devotionals offer a space to focus solely on watching your mind for ego conditioning, repetitive patterns, and unconscious beliefs. When brought to the surface in the Presence of unconditional Love, these blocks can be loosened from and released. Projects and tasks are used with prayer as a way to learn to ask, listen, and follow the Guidance of the Spirit. The result is the inevitable realization that we are not “the doer.” This is a deeply transformational experience that you can transfer to every area of your life.

Our ministry is committed to the recognition of the peace that passeth all understanding. By releasing all the veils that cover over the Truth, we realize that the Answer comes from within.

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