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Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man

Have I been a ‘Nowhere Man’?

Words from David Hoffmeister at the closing of the 2015 Devotional in Mallorca

It is so profound when we realize that all attempts to be in charge of our life and take responsibility for things in this world have led to nothing. We think that the pinnacle for this world is to become mature functioning adults. We get all the way to that point and still feel some kind of emptiness,  “I thought the race was over. I thought that’s what my goal was! Society, parents, everyone taught me to be a mature functioning adult who can handle living in this world.”

We get to that point and when we’re still unfulfilled, and we think “maybe that wasn’t the goal at all. Maybe I was just adapting and adjusting to a lie and I got somewhat decent at it, and that’s what it means to be a mature functioning adult; a good adapter to the ego.” The ego put out a false goal and when we get there, there’s no fulfillment in reaching it. So we start to get a little bit of a clue that it has been a trick. We put a lot of effort into a direction that’s a lie. It’s a trick.

But the good news is that we can now turn our attention towards a present goal that is very different, that is not only achievable and attainable but is inevitable. A lot of us don’t even know what a present goal is. All we know is future goals. It’s good to know that a present goal is inevitable. In fact, this is something that you cannot help but fall into because everywhere else was nowhere.

It’s interesting how we relate to that Beatle’s song ‘Nowhere Man’.  He’s a real nowhere man, living in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody. We have been destined to come to this point to go, ‘Hmm?

Have I been “nowhere man” and “nowhere woman” in this world?

Really, that is what this devotional has been about. Coming to an admission and saying, “Hallelujah. I won’t waste another second in struggling against the inevitable. I will let the current take me.”

Even if that is the only realization you have at this devotional, it would be worth it because then you could start to smell the roses along the way. You don’t have to be pushing with everything; pushing for outcomes and trying to figure things out. There is a lot of energy that goes into trying to plan and to figure things out. You can say Wow, it’s all happening for my good. I’m drifting into this place of wonderment and discovery. It looks like a child-like wonderment. I can go back to that state of wonderment where I don’t really know what things are and I don’t fully know what they’re for in terms of form, but I can be shown. I know I’ll be shown.

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