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David_headshotDavid Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister is a living example of the teachings of A Course in Miracles and Self-realization. He teaches from Awakened Mind, shining the Love of God wherever he is invited in the world. His gatherings are open discussions, and coming together with him gives people a chance to bring their greatest concerns and deepest questions to one who answers from a perspective entirely beyond the personal. His passion and commitment have led him to teach and freely share the message. His websites have a variety of inspiring, enlightening, and free resources, along with the most profound Self-realization writings on the planet. David has thousands of archived messages on the internet, written from the Holy Spirit as answers to questions sent in to him from around the world. His YouTube videos (channel 1 and channel 2) are truly eye-opening.

Davids teachings and his living example demonstrate the state of being and Oneness that Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven. David traveled full-time throughout North America beginning in 1991. During his first twelve years of teaching, David met with Course groups and individuals wherever he was invited—in churches, bookstores, homes, parks, and spiritual centers. Since 2003 he has traveled extensively throughout six continents (North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa), including 49 states in the United States, holding gatherings and retreats while continuing to support Messengers and spiritual communities. His writings have been translated into eleven languages. David demonstrates that the time of peace is now, and he invites you to join him in the Love of God and rejoice.

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Frances XuFrances Xu

Frances has had a deep calling to go beyond concepts and live a life that is guided by the Holy Spirit. With trust and devotion, she was led to a swift and gentle path of undoing. Jesus teaches, “To have, give all to all.” In giving, she recognized the gift that was given her. She graciously accepts the function of being a messenger for God, and is dedicating her life to expressing and demonstrating the Love that is beyond all form and definition. She is inspired to use media to extend the message of the Spirit.

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Kirsten Buxton

Kirsten gave her life over to the Spirit to direct after a revelatory experience of such direct and intense Love from God that her life was changed forever. Since that moment she has been impelled to follow the Spirit’s direction with faith and devotion. Her authentic approach to Awakening has resulted in a deep, unshakable trust in the Spirit. Through her, the Spirit is gentle, kind, and uncompromisingly clear.

Since 2004, Kirsten has traveled extensively throughout the world, holding gatherings and retreats as a backdrop for deepening in Presence and opening to the Love of God. At some point she experienced a merge where the acts of praying, listening, and following became more of an involuntary flow than a specific practice.

Her Spirit-inspired life is an ebb and flow of mystical, inward times and phases that are an outpouring of communication, travels, and joyful collaborations.

Kirsten is honored to join with those who deeply desire to undo the ego and “Know Thyself.” She welcomes invitations and will happily travel anywhere to answer the call of the heart to awaken.

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Jason-scaled-e1403505633637Jason Warwick

Jason says, “I just feel to share with you my gratitude for this ministry and my path to Awakening. I am so blessed to live here in the Living Miracles community and experience countless miracles every day. I really feel like I have 100,000 angels watching over me. Some take the form of my mighty companions here; some are unseen and help in much deeper ways. It is all Mind and this is my saving grace. Nothing can hold me back and nothing can take me deeper except my own desire. This is the purpose of Awakening—Self-responsibility. I feel honored to put purpose first and accept the principle that David Hoffmeister has shared with me: Accept what is given. This is the path that I am honored to share with you.”

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Jenny Fagerstedt

A Course in Miracles landed in Jenny Donner’s lap in 2005. She felt that the truth it was pointing towards was all she had ever looked for. It became her daily bread. Jenny began her sincere spiritual practice on a full-time basis after a powerful Awakening experience in 2006. She was guided to join closely with David Hoffmeister for five years of transformational healing and clearing. This opened her mind to become a fine-tuned channel for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. Jenny is a very gentle and sincere communicator for the Spirit. She is an intuitive guide and healer that tunes in and shares the Love and wisdom coming through from beyond personal identity. She is available to visit groups, couples and individuals that feel the Call to awaken and know God and their true Self. Jenny shares, “It’s the happiest of all things to come together in purpose to heal and to undo what never was!”

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Jackie-Wilbetree copyJackie Simpson

A deep longing for the truth has led Jackie through a collage of experiences throughout her life, but trust, humility, and surrender to the Spirit’s direction have brought her to a gently unfolding journey of forgiveness, and a heart ever-opening to Love. The seeking is over in the discovery that peace is always present and available.

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