Who is Jesus? Practice and live the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ assisted by online courses, online retreats, and an online Tribe of Christ community.
Join David Hoffmeister, author and A Course in Miracles expert, as he supports your growth with ACIM Transformational Videos.
Helpful resources for Spiritual Awakening.
Access to online audio resources of non-dual/A Course in Miracles teachings
Multimedia awakening resources (music, videos, writings, and audios), read about David Hoffmeister and meet our global community.
What is A Course in Miracles? Here we have complete online access to the Course Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers together with original guidelines, principles of Miracles and commentary by David Hoffmeister.
An oasis for the mind in a restful setting, offering a haven for rejuvenation of the spirit.
Free Spanish UCDM resources!
Living Miracles books, CDs, DVDs, video downloads and translated teachings.
An introduction to David Hoffmeister and the global Awakening Mind community.
David Hoffmeister’s YouTube page. Plentiful videos including talks and discussions about non-dual topics including advanced forgiveness, enlightenment, and developing trust in the Holy Spirit.
Free MP3 collection of David Hoffmeister’s non-dual/A Course in Miracles gatherings from the around the world
Join the Circle of Support and receive our monthly newsletter, inspiring messages from David Hoffmeister, and relevant updates.
An interactive, fun and helpful page on all things regarding David Hoffmeister, from Facebook, Twitter to YouTubes and talks. You will be captivated by the various ways to stay connected and to be involved.
An extensive library of advanced non-dual teachings from A Course in Miracles and a study aid for anyone wishing to study and master the teachings of A Course in Miracles.
Waking up with the movies! Our online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment lists movies for enlightenment. Read about the metaphysical and forgiveness themes that can be helpful in awakening to Truth.
Welcome to a huge and entirely free MP3 audio collection of David Hoffmeister’s teachings.
Living Miracles US: Free David Hoffmeister audios, videos, music, and many different non-dual/A Course in Miracles topics.
The Doorway: Four self-study premium online courses from David Hoffmeister to deepen your experience of A Course in Miracles. These ACIM-inspired courses provide you with a multimedia platform including deep teachings, Awakening movie sessions, inspired music, and insightful assignments for an in-depth understanding and experience of what the Course is pointing us to.
Fully searchable A Course in Miracles online. Includes the Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers, and Clarification of Terms.
A Course in Miracles online. Brought to you by the Foundation for the Awakening Mind.
Come to a comprehensive understanding of the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles through a combination of audio/video resources and Q&A dialogues with David Hoffmeister.

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