2010 Mallorca Devotional

Below are some “captured moments” from the 2010 Mallorca Devotional. If you would like to read more sharings from this miraculous event, check out the full blog.

Music video that Helena, Buhani, JP, Frances and Michael worked on during the Mallorca devotional. Enjoy the beautiful expression of the Spirit pouring through!!

Lyrics and links are here

A short video of David in the monastery chapel in Mallorca singing. “All you need is love!”

There are so many things you have given me, of which I can remember/see at this very moment:

* healing touch, it feels as if loving energy enters into me and washes away all sharp edges of ego-thoughts/feelings. A melting in, a soft gentle relief of tension, relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxed : )

* a very gentle and clear way of asking things to be done or telling not to be done;

* a feeling of trust in me and others;

* a feeling of being seen in my true Me, even if I do not at that moment;

* a whole lot of space for whatever comes up, you are glowing all of the time;



The peace is so pervasive it seems that I can reach out and touch it all around me and deep within me, and when I am asleep the dream states are confused, but when I awake there is this bliss, and its that, that is real, whereas before it would be the opposite.

Love you all,
Jackie Watson

NOW I know that I am not alone NOW I know that I am loved NOW I know that whatever is, is meant to be NOW I know that I can choose again NOW I know that I do not need to know NOW I know that there is nothing to be afraid of NOW I feel that I am NOW I know that we are ONE NOW I TRUST

Words of love from Ursula

For my departing moment in the chair saying farewell I read out this poem how I felt in the devotional, an amazing time and now shifting around in my new DNA with love to everyone and such thanks and gratitude to you all I love you all Claire xx

There are days
Where Holy Spirit shows me ways
To be patient and happy
Yet the ego attaches and I feel crappy

Read the full beautiful poem here

One of the hardest things for me to do is to just open up and let my heart speak without Mind constantly interfering. To constantly be judging is a curse, especially when the true nature of our being is only love, light and peace. So, from my heart I just want to say what a gift it was to have spent two weeks in a beautiful environment with a group of brothers and sisters all wanting the same thing, to connect with each other, feel and be the Divine Love and Peace we truly are…….

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I would like to express how very grateful I am to have been able to spend the first two weeks in Mallorca with all you lovely souls.

Only after I came back I felt the very great impact this time had on me. My willingness to stay in awareness has grown immensely and it feels like I am taking giant steps towards ME….and at the same time being aware that ME was and is always here right now in this instant where the miracle of LOVE happens!

Thank you so much all of you! My gratitude is infinite.

LOVE you all!

Well, I can only say: thank you and thank God. I received loads of healing in Mallorca, in particularly well hidden places in my mind. My realationship with my husband is completely free of judgement right now – after 17 years!

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Photos of the paintings Malfrid worked on during the devotionals in Sweden and Mallorca

Here is a new music video for one of the songs from Helena’s new CD called Sharing the Joy!. Manuela, JP, and Helena collaborated to put the video together while on a six week long devotional on Mallorca. The song is called “I Am Here”.

It was with great joy I looked forward to coming to the Mallorca devotional. To join with others from all over the world, coming together in a united purpose.

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Two weeks has already gone by since my arrival to Mallorca. So much has happened and my personal journal entries have become much more abundant. More is always revealed in my mind and I become more awake daily. Some experiences are subtle and some are instantly absorbed.

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