2014 Europe Tour

David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, Kirsten Buxton, and Jason Warwick continue their travels across Europe. As they gather, there are heart opening moments that can lead you to your own depth of Self. Enjoy these “Awakening Moments!”

Not Persons

We lose all sense of personal will when following guidance. Once you are clear on purpose, you see everyone on purpose.


An Adventure in Joy

The roles we play in this world are such that we are never good enough and that we feel guilty. Forgiveness is not boring. It is an adventure in happiness.


The Body

The ego uses the body for pride, pleasure, and attack. The Holy Spirit’s use of the body is for communication.


My Spiritual Experience with David Hoffmeister

Commitment to Awakening

We let go of all Plan Bs and commit 100% to God, to awakening. We realize we are God’s plan A.

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