The Heart Speaks

One of the hardest things for me to do is to just open up and let my heart speak without Mind constantly interfering. To constantly be judging is a curse, especially when the true nature of our being is only love, light and peace. So, from my heart I just want to say what a gift it was to have spent two weeks in a beautiful environment with a group of brothers and sisters all wanting the same thing, to connect with each other, feel and be the Divine Love and Peace we truly are.

At the center of all our error beliefs, love is the true element of our being. One wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to grasp this, yet, inside us so many layers of emotion and false beliefs continue to veil this simple fact. Thank you brothers and sisters for reflecting back to me myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the error in myself, the false image I project and allowing a space through our team work and the expression sessions for that image to be shattered.

Thank you Spirit for the many beautiful morning walks, the persimmons, the cold air, improv sessions, music, evening entertainment with a message, the monastery, the hugs and all the sharing of emotions, stories, stillness, and Presence.

From my heart to yours,