Poem by Malfrid

So long my heart has been longing for Home.
So long!
Your Song is saying all roads lead to Rome.
Your song!

I am angry and striving and yearning for You.
When will You come and say’, ‘How do you do?”

You say you are closer than my thoughts and my breath.
You say there is only Truth and no death.
Show me today and not tomorrow.
I am still insane and filled with sorrow.

So am I crying
and believe I am dying.
I can’t see the Glory.
Only my story.

How long must I wait
before Your Answer is here?
I’m impatient, I SWEAR!

”I am here, I am here.
I am everywhere!
I am your Feeling.
I am your Healing.
I am your Peace.
You see ego; You freeze!
I am your Pleasure.
I am your Treasure.
I am your Ease.
You see ego; You freeze!

I am your Passion.
I am your Fashion.
I am your Call.
You see ego;You feel small!
I am your Living.
I am your Giving.
I am your All.
You see ego; You feel small!

I am your Joy.
I AM. O’boy!
I am your Rain.
You see ego; you feel pain!
I am your Seeing.
I am your Being.
I am your Fame.
You see ego; you feel shame!

I am your Source.
I am your Course.
I am your Luck.
You see ego; You are stuck!
I am your Stay.
I am your Way.
I am your Truck.
You see ego; You are stuck!

The ego is only a fake!
Take it is easy! Take a break!
Calm down for God’s Sake!
In Reality you are already Awake!

Play and sing, relax and join!
Throw away the dualistic coin!
Let it jump and cut the surface of The Sea!
See it sink and disappear!
See ME coming Near!
Sink you too down deep and be Free
in ME.”

Blessings from Malfrid