Downloading “Right Mind” By Lynne

photoDear Frances,

This came to my mind during this morning’s meditation (to my amusement).

Love, Lynne

Thursday 24 Oct 2013

Message From [email protected]

If you are still running the old “ego” program, this is to advise a replacement “Right Mind” is ready to be downloaded.

You will first need to identify and uninstall the following files:
-pain and pleasure
-past regret
-future anxiety
-attack on self and others

Also delete any other files you have identified as harmful.

The new program can be achieved immeditately by clicking on “Install Love Now” or step by step if you fear losing any of the above.

Once installed, this will only operate from “Right Mind”. You will find everything now runs very smoothly. The system is still able to be attacked by “Ramdom Ego Particles”, so vigilance is necessary.

However, “Right Mind” promises a safe and happy experience, with regular upgrades and patches available when needed.

Support and guidance is available 24/7, to be accessed through the “Prayer of the Heart” link.