Deep Appreciation by Dianne

IMG_1294Deep appreciation for this exquisite interlude where the cherished Child of God has been nurtured, nourished, and so lovingly enfolded at Living Waters Sanctuary to support the passionate longing to remember and trust.

Gratitude flows: Our shining brothers Frances & JP, caring co-ordinator Colin, and totally sharing & indulgent (to us!) hosts Greg & Emily & Elf & the undeniable beautiful caring essence of Sue’s groundwork.

~ Sincerely Di


Kookaburra’s laughing! – calling
“Tiny mad idea Now falling!”
While we’re waltzing round Yowrie with music divine,
And messengers tenderly lift us from time,

The music, the silence, the stillness

With attentiveness to “I am not a PERSON in an ENVIRONMENT” (D.H)
it is wondrous to experience
Holy Spirit’s New Purpose
in the still beauty of Yowrie-
re-birthing us gently through
potent awareness to split-fuse-ing.
Tho’ borrowed Father’s
Awesome Mind,
in dark delusions, dual defined…
Oh, Precious, Blessed Holy Aide,
You lead me from the false I made,
….into The Light…
The music, the Silence, the Still-ingness,
Revealing inherited willingness
The Love.
“God created me”
Innocent ~ Free
So..o..o..o..o grateful ~
Waltzing round Yowrie
with ALL!

Thank you most beautiful Way Showers of My Mind…
❤ Di