Forever Entangled with You in God’s One Mind

Well, I can only say: thank you and thank God. I received loads of healing in Mallorca, in particularly well hidden places in my mind. My “realationship” with my husband is completely free of judgement right now – after 17 years! And that is surely also due to exposing special hatred as a private thought. All around me I notice marriages healing, too. What happens around me is always a good indicator of me having received miracles ????

Actually there is a plant in our house which was practically dead when I left for Mallorca. On coming home it was and still is covered with lots of new leaves and even some new blossoms!

My contact with the Spirit is much stronger as is my willingness to ask for direction during the day. And I also feel a much greater willingness to talk things through instead of deciding for others and excluding them from the decision process. My understanding of ACIM has once again deepened and I feel forever entangled with you in Gods One Mind!

Praise the Lord!