Guidance at the Grocery Store

4 weeks into this devotional and I have reached a point of processing everything that I have watched, felt, expressed, and heard. I have been a sponge and feel I can no longer absorb anymore. Now it is time to process it all. It’s like putting all the information into file folders so that I can pull them out whenever I reach the world outside of this retreat. I trust the tools will be at my service ready to serve!

So much has happened that I can’t express it all in this particular entry. I had several awakenings; some were more lit up than others. One in particular was an outing to a grocery store. I was with two community members and two retreat participants. During this retreat, we have been learning to be more mindful of our thoughts and listening to guidance from the Holy Spirit.

On my outing (at my two-week mark) guidance was not engrained into my mind at all. I was so distracted in the grocery store that I quickly forgot about the word Holy Spirit and guidance. I impulsively bought this water that I thought was this wonderful gas filled water. It said ‘Gaseosa’ on the bottle, so I bought it! I then opened it and it splashed all over two of my mighty companions. I then found out quickly that it was flavored water. This particular incident (even though it may seem small) was quite disturbing for me. I realized how quickly I had forgotten how to listen and fear immediately set in. I knew that I didn’t care for this impulsive behavior and wanted to learn how to listen to the guidance more.

Listening to the guidance all the time is not an easy task. After 4 weeks I find that my mind is not so filled with the chatter, and the peace of silence and of God is resonating in my soul slowly.

You are spirit whole, pure and innocent. All is forgiven and released!