The Presence of Peace


Well I made it to Louisiana and it was an amazing journey. I had a 4 hour layover in Madrid and when I was getting on the plane I found out that there were only 18 passengers (and Delta gave me another credit voucher!!!!), so… we had the whole plane to ourselves. There were several in first class, and five of us in coach. You would have thought that with all the room we would have spread out, but all five of us naturally sat right behind first class. It was obvious no one wanted to be alone. I felt my mighty companions were there beside me and it was comforting.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with my family. It was calming, and they all could feel the presence of peace with me. I felt it. I checked in many times yesterday when I felt the conversations were meaningless… and was able to maintain the peace of God.

I have thought of KJ much since I left especially the moment I’ve woken up since gone from Spain, and have tried not to project into the future and stay in the moment. It has been easier than I thought having the Course on my iPod and the tools I left Mallorca with. Meeting KJ was a miraculous experience, and I trust that my assignment with him is not over. I am accepting though to whatever the HS has in store for me.

Thanks again for everything. I had the most amazing time and will/want to live a devotional life for the rest of my life. A new life has begun and I am ready to soar and shine the light.

I start work on Monday and will be moving as planned with Katrina. Snow awaits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling I may get some skiing in this weekend! 😉

Much love and if you get this… tell everyone I said hello and I LOVE THEM!