Hello my sweet companions,

Today is my first day of work. It’s going to be interesting and different. Since I’ve been back to Park City, I’ve been catching up on my sleep and I’ve been very quiet inside. The best way to describe the feeling I have is that I’m fragile and delicate. The ego has entered in full force over the past several days. KJ and I have been in contact which is great. We have expressed our fears and tears and joys. I feel he will make travel plans for February this week.

I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t want to be in the ‘world’. I feel I want to live the devotional life around mighty companions for forever. I was very emotional last night and was feeling I wanted to be with KJ more than anything. Meaning… move to Norway and live a devoted life with him. I didn’t express this to him, but I told HS that’s what I wanted because working at a ski resort may sound wonderful, but what I just left was way more wonderful.

I trust that God brought him into more life for a purpose and not just for 8 days. I have to also trust that he will continue to open the doors and I’ll walk through them gracefully.

I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me and your support and authentic love. I look forward to seeing you again here in Utah.

Much love,

P.S. KJ is doing the lessons with me, we are on 18.