Guidance Removes the Blocks

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for patiently loving me, your love reflecting in your eyes and warm smile. I unlearned many concepts with you in Mallorca, for which I am grateful. I smile reflecting on how my wrong mind used tricks of misperception and time gaps in an attempt to prevent me from getting the message.

But I got it! Big blocks of pride and unworthiness were removed. They just collapsed like the buildings Cobb and Mal made in their dream (from the movie, Inception). Hallelujah!

And in their place I experienced peace and love. Not doing, just passively affectionating. Total bliss.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you also for sharing your process with Matti and all of us:

It is always the Inner Guidance in the moment you need to follow, and before that is totally crisp, clear and pure the guidelines from the course are very, very helpful. I see it in my own mind now and then. It can play out like this:

I feel guided and strongly prompted to say something particular.

If I have uncertainty about whether it is something Helpful, I check it with my mind.

If I still feel the yes, then I check it with what I have learned from the teachings of Jesus and David. If it goes against that teaching I see it as something in my mind, a strong conviction or belief that is talking to me; and so not pure guidance.

Then follows an Inner process of forgiveness. There can be an urge to speak out the “guidance” but instead it has to be closely looked at and forgiven. It can come from a belief in helping “others,” or from certain past ideals and beliefs that are still held in the mind.

I have sometimes received clear guidance about future happenings, which I see more from a curious and joyful place. I look forward to be there experiencing it and to watch it play out. For example last summer I received guidance that I was going to watch a particular movie with a friend in Mallorca several months later.

When coming to Mallorca I didn’t have any thoughts like: Oh I have to fulfill the guidance and watch this movie with my friend. No, I waited and watched it play out. One day late in the Devotional it was very obvious that we were supposed to watch the movie. It was a great experience rather than something I personally had to follow through with… The experience of having an open and alert mind, ready and willing for prompts from the Spirit…

So to take off some of the pressure you might feel to carry out a message: The message is first and foremost for your own mind and if you feel strongly to share it in the moment and if it doesn’t go against the teaching of the Course, then please let it out. It is helpful to have a sensitivity and listening in the moment and to remember that your relationship is Always, clearly and without exception with the Holy Spirit and not with any body. There is really no one out there to help…

Showers of Love!


Peace, love and joy,