Dear Jenny,

I hope you have a wonderful last slot! At this moment I would love to say that I felt so welcome at the Mallorca-retreat.

It started with voicemails of you to point out the direction towards Son Macia; then with the number of Mark for more information about the exact location; SMS and stones pointing out the way to the villa, so lovely and cute 🙂

You were there with a big welcoming smile, when I approached Casa 4. And you offered me the way to Casa 4 and/or to ‘my space’ in Casa 2 and left the choice again up to me.

There are so many things you have given me, of which I can remember/see at this very moment:

  • Healing touch, it feels as if loving energy enters into me and washes away all sharp edges of ego-thoughts/feelings. A melting in, a soft gentle relief of tension, relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxed : )
  • A very gentle and clear way of asking things to be done or telling not to be done;
  • A feeling of trust in me and others;
  • A feeling of being seen in my true Me, even if I do not at that moment;
  • A whole lot of space for whatever comes up, you are glowing all of the time;


Love, Petra