Shine Music Video from Helena and Buhani

Hi everyone, Here’s one more music video that Buhani, JP, Frances, Michael, and I worked on during the Mallorca devotional (see below). JP just put it together and sent it to me. Enjoy the beautiful expression of the Spirit pouring through!!!

Showers of Love,

This song is a prayer of removing all fears so that the light of Christ can shine within the mind. Helena is singing, Resta received the lyrics/music and Buhani Fall has modified the music and produced the song. Frances Xu, Michael Salita, and Jason Press (JP) filmed and edited the music video that was shot at the 2010 Mallorca devotional in Spain.

Link to the music video:

Music album: Sing Me Awake

Shine, holy light,
gentle light of Christ.
Shine, holy light.
Shine within my mind.

Shine away the blocks to love.
Shine away the false.
Shine away resistances
to the memory of God.

Dissolve my thoughts of separateness
and images of fear,
until I see the Face of Christ
shining bright and clear.

Bathe my mind with light of joy,
the radiance of the One.
Cleanse away sad dreams of pain
with the tender light of love.

Help me be a child of light,
shining as I dream.
Illuminate my holiness
to be a light that heals.

Let my brothers see in me
the light that is their own,
honoring their holiness
and leading them back home.