Waltz Across Yowrie with You

A week has passed since we started the 3-week silent retreat. We had an intimate concert with Paul last night and saw off Birgit and Jenny this morning. Here are the notes left by Jenny and Birgit:

Loving gratitude to you all,
I’ve had an amazing week – thank you!
May the experience of God’s peace flow within you all!

Love & Light & Healing,
Love Jen xxxx

Dear friends, I want to echo Jenny’s words! Even though we haven’t spoken much, it has been beautiful sharing this space with you and felling our shared purpose. I really appreciate the loving and supportive energy of you all!

Enjoy your next 2 weeks. I hope you can sink in to that peace even more.

Lots of love,

Here are some pics of last night’s concert:

IMG_1230 IMG_1231