Claire’s Poem

For my departing moment in the chair saying farewell I read out this poem, how I felt in the devotional; an amazing time and now shifting around in my new DNA. With love to everyone and such thanks and gratitude to you all.

I love you all,
Claire xx

There are days
Where Holy Spirit shows me ways
To be patient and happy
Yet the ego attaches and I feel crappy

Daily I feel my emotions
Asking Holy Spirit to help the internal commotions
I can have daily fears
Which often lead to tears

The hidden emotions emerge from dark valleys
Inside the Matrix body of valleys
I tunnel and find the golden depths
And then I realize I have new breaths

The roller coaster of push and pull
Makes the element of trust lull
And yet it lies beneath simmering
Yet again I feel my eyes start brimming

The tears roll down my cheeks
My throat constricts
I gulp the tender breath
Pause, even one second, is enough length

My eyes feel clean
My body feels it can dream
My peace of mind achieved
My illusions gone and I am relieved

Where does the  journey start
I ask myself as I stand apart
I see people around me
Yet I still cannot see

Each and every day
The ego gets in my way
I strive and ponder endlessly
Yet seem to be slow finding my key

No private thoughts, no past
No future, how do I make my purpose last?
I remember to pause, and pause
Then pray this helps my cause

Remember there is never a conclusion
So to remind my thoughts, please no collusion
Keep the pain and fear at bay
As I journey along David’s way

I joyfully join with Mighty Companions
As my ego and body are screaming abandon
Whispering stay with me ‘we know the way’
Why choose another pathway

I take a deep breath, pause
And smile inwardly knowing my cause
Release me from being hostage
Accepting perception to knowledge

The questions pour out
And daily I feel the doubt
Constantly I fight the illusion
Then some days it infuses such confusion

When I feel that way
I pause, I wait, I say
Both inside and out
Dear Holy Spirit I have no doubt

My trust is high
I wave the fears goodbye
I smile with relief
As I realise Holy Spirit is my belief

Peace of mind is my goal
I cry deep from my soul
Peace of mind seems far away
I look deep within each day

I spend time in meditation
Convincing myself of true dedication
I spend time in the illusion of ego
Convincing myself the fears will go

Trust and love become clear
Mighty Companions join and I know how to hear
Trust and love unveil the way to peace of mind
Mighty companions are all working towards my peace of mind

I sit and silently make myself pause
The movie of my illusions are the cause
I go deep within
Calling upon the Holy Spirit to begin

I sit and wait for the gentle light to enter
Then I realize I have ruthless internal banter
Round and round the voice can travel
Getting louder and stronger in their babble

My fears are racing through my heart
I feel my body committing to fall apart
My throat constricts
I feel my voice restrict

The Course of Miracles for me seemed the way
Yet David Hoffmeister gently shows another way
The Course in Miracles can show me the path
Yet David Hoffmeister’s devotions blows open the path

Pause, I cry inside and out
I really want to loudly shout
Pause and gain my gift of freedom
I really want that message to help me enter the kingdom