Sexual Secrets Poem

We hide secrets and fears
And pretend we have no tears
We push deep and deep inside
The personal emotional sexual tides

From years of private neglect
We just cannot allow ourselves to connect
The fears of talk out loud about anything sexual
Makes the deep hidden secrets more actual

Years pass and we pretend our needs are being met
Not allowing ourselves to look within at our deep, deep upset
Why do we not talk about our sexual secrets
It is because we kid ourselves our relationship we cannot forfeit

Alone in the dark we yearn for that closeness
We pull the illusion of the mask into deluded blankness
Who can we talk to without revealing the truth
Yet pretending the real need to heal is the ultimate false personal sleuth

Do we disrespect ourselves so much that we hid in the movie
We crave the illusion of love, hiding, the ultimate price is too costly
Enough we say, release the controlling fears and talk from a point of love
Allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through from above

The truth, authenticity and openness revealed
Saying we respect each other and being open for all to be healed
That true closeness and bonding powerfully emerges
Allowing love and joy to encompass all loose edges

Yes we cry inwardly and outwardly, eyes slightly bleary,
At long last the secrets are open, eyes are now seeing clearly
Calm eyes and heart open to love and connection
It was the release of that tightly held fear of rejection

We now realize true love is the pathway
Joining with Holy Spirit to enter the gateway
After years of hiding and suppression
Now is the time of true expression

~ Claire