Awaking in Bliss

Hello beautiful friends,

I am sitting here in front of my computer, where are the words to describe what appears to be happening since the incredible two weeks with David.

The peace is so pervasive it seems that I can reach out and touch it all around me and deep within me, and when I am asleep the dream states are confused, but when I awake there is this bliss, and its that, that is real, whereas before it would be the opposite.

Tears of joy are flowing every day, I keep listening to Jesus Culture, in particular the song “How he Loves us”. I have no idea what the next minute or the next days and weeks have in store, but nothing matters.

All my skills have been offered to the Holy Spirit to use if it is appropriate, and if I just sit and do nothing, I am so happy, just so happy.

Love you all,
Jackie Watson