Now I Know

Only a week together with you wonderful people and miracles abide.

I want to thank Jason and JP for their willingness to connect with me. The holy encounter I experienced with the two of you – so short in time, but yet so eternal – opened the door to a heartfelt miracle. To live in the now, the only place there ever is.

NOW I know that I am not alone
NOW I know that I am loved
NOW I know that whatever is, is meant to be
NOW I know that I can choose again
NOW I know that I do not need to know
NOW I know that there is nothing to be afraid of
NOW I feel that I am
NOW I know that we are ONE

A whole new world is smiling at me, welcoming me, embracing me, filling my heart with overflowing joy. The very day when I was leaving all happened at once.
Thank you Claire for helping me thru the night, thank you Andy for welcoming me in the morning. Thanks to all I am not mentioning by name. You are all part of this. We are all in this together, contribute, often without knowing or being aware of it. But it is not personal as Nette put it so gently. Thank you Spirit for whatever you put in my way. It is for my own good. It is a blessing. Thank you for mirroring all the many different aspects of my own being. Thank you for showing me the need to embrace everything, while you strengthen my ability to actually do so.
I am ready to receive, I am ready to give. I am ready to love. I let go of my own agenda and allow the light to enter. I am laughing, I am dancing, I am singing, I finally start shining my light. Amen.

The journey home was twice as long as it was scheduled and presented me with many holy encounters. I spend the night at Zürich airport on a bench. A woman came with a drink and some food to me (why? Jesus told her!!), a young man invited me to Cameron, a miniature of Africa he told me, here you get all in one spot. He is Christian and the only thing he wants to talk about is God. Arriving in Ireland there is a snowchaos, no busses, no information and then after a couple of hours of waiting this young man shows up to help me catch a train instead. There I met this wonderful man (he looked like Michael Caine!) an attentive quaker, and we talk about the unity in Christ. Finally arriving in Wexford there are no cabs, the police did close down the county. A man from Rumania on his way to Dublin, dressed in summer cloth, freezing to bones, becomes our guest for a night before he can continue his journey the day after.
A loving husband opening his arms like never before. 🙂

In deep gratitude and with a never ending hug to all of you <3